Birding Activities

  • Black stork fishing. Nigel Dennis.

    Bird Hides

    There are 11 bird and game hides in Kruger National Park. Several more are earmarked for construction if sufficient funds become available

  • Hikers in Kruger.

    Birding Trail Hikes

    Bush walks in Kruger Park are the best way to get close to birds. All the camps offer guided, early morning and sometimes late afternoon walks with great birding opportunities

  • Great Egret.

    Nigel Dennis Photo Tips

    If you are going to do birding photography in Kruger Park, these tips and tricks from acclaimed wildlife photographer, Nigel Dennis, will be invaluable

  • Nyawutsi Bird Hide near Shingwedzi.

    Sleep-Over Bird Hides

    One of the best birding experiences in Kruger is to book an overnighter at one of the two, Shipandani sleep-over hide or Sable Dam sleep-over bird hide