Maps of Kruger Park

  • Bateleur Eagles. Brett Hilton-Barber.

    Biome Habitat Map

    This Kruger Park Habitat map will provide some understanding of the vegetation overlying the rock and soil-types which pretty much determines the type and density of bird populations, which in turn

  • Shabeni Hill near Pretoriuskop.

    Bird Habitat Geology

    Besides climate, the other main habitat determinant is the underlying geology of the landscape. This determines soil types and structure of overlying vegetation

  • White-fronted Bee-eater.

    Bird Habitats Rainfall

    A major influence on birding in Kruger is the pattern of rain. The Park falls within the southern African high pressure weather system most rain falls in summer

  • Lanner falcon. Brett Hilton Barber.

    Birding Trails Map

    Discover the best birding walking trails in Kruger Park. Each walk has a trail camp that has been carefully sited in scenic surroundings. The trails take a maximum of eight people