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Southern Carmine Bee-eaters. Brett Hilton Barber

Kruger Park Birding | Kruger's Summer Visitors

search Information: Of the 500 or so species found in the Park, about half are summer visitors, with a more or less equal split between breeders and non-breeders
Yellow-billed Kite.

Kruger Park Birding | Kites
Birding Raptor Guide

search Information: Kites are small to medium-sized raptors, diverse in shape and size. All have relatively long wings and are expert fliers. A big birding debate has been the
Martial Eagle.

Kruger Park Birding | Eagles and Hawk | Eagles
Birding Raptor Guide

search Information: Eagles are the most well-known raptors. They are large, powerful and aggressive hunters that have fully feathered legs and hunt medium-sized and small animals
Black Crake.

Kruger Park Birding by Region | Shingwedzi to Punda Maria

search Information: There is a very good birding spot at the Sirheni turn-off, where the Thick-billed Cuckoo may be seen. Southern Ground-Hornbills, Southern Carmine
Black-chested Snake-Eagle.

Kruger Park Birding | Snake Eagles
Birding Raptor Guide

search Information: Snake-Eagles are medium to large raptors that feed predominantly on snakes. There are three Snake-Eagles to be seen in Kruger. The Bateleur is one of the Park's
Golden Breasted Bunting

Kruger Park Birding by Region | Pafuri Area

search Information: Pafuri Gate is the northernmost entrance to Kruger and offers the most direct access to the Makuleke Wilderness Area. One should keep an eye out here for the rare Arnot's Chat
Southern white-crowned Shrike.

Kruger Park Birding by Region | Afsaal to Skukuza

search Information: Red-billed Queleas are the most common bird species in Kruger Park, making up well over half the avian biomass in the Park
Kruger Park Birding by Region: Crocodile Bridge to Lower Sabie.

Kruger Park Birding by Region |
Crocodile Bridge to Lower Sabie

search Information: There are two main routes between Crocodile Bridge and Lower Sabie the Gomondwane Road through thorn thickets into open woodland and the Nhlowa Road
Lake Panic.

Kruger Park Birding by Region |
Paul Kruger Gate to Skukuza

search Information: Paul Kruger Gate is the closest entry point to Skukuza. There is often good birding at the bridge over the Sabie River.The tar road (H11) to Skukuza cuts through
Timbavati Riverbed.

Kruger Park Birding by Region |
Orpen Gate to Olifants

search Information: The African Fish-Eagle is often perched in the tall trees around the water's edge, while the African Hawk-Eagle and Black-chested Snake-Eagle are attracted to the rocky landscape
Red-billed Queleas.

Kruger Park Birding by Region |
Orpen Gate to Satara

search Information: Orpen Gate and the cluster of small camps in the area Orpen, Tamboti Tented Camp and the Maroela Caravan Park are compelling birding spots because the nearby.
Low level bridge near Skukuza.

Kruger Park Birding by Region |
Skukuza to Lower Sabie

search Information: The Sabie River Road from Skukuza to Lower Sabie (H4-1) is probably the busiest road in the Park. Hornbills occupy the fringes of the thorn thickets, while
Crested Francolin.

Kruger Park Birding by Region | Afsaal

search Information: Afsaal sits on a great horn of gabbro, a form of basalt, which curves across south-western Kruger from Lwakahle Concession along the Voortrekker Road
Sunset fish-eagle. Nigel Dennis.

Kruger Park Birding by Region | Malelane to Skukuza via Biyamiti

search Information: There is usually good birding along the first few kilometres of the S114 as it tracks the Crocodile River between Malelane Gate and the Timfenheni Loop (S121)
Purple Roller.

Kruger Park Birding by Region | Mopani to Shingwedzi

search Information: The open grassland suits the Steppe and Tawny Eagles, while small flocks of White-crested Helmet-Shrikes are active, lower-level feeders
White-backed Vultures.

Kruger Park Birding by Region | Satara Area

search Information: The area around Satara Camp is at its birding best after a summer downpour. Vleis and pans in the surrounding sweetveld plains fill up quickly and the abundance of
Woodlands Kingfisher.

Kruger Park Birding | A Bird's Eye View of Kruger

search Information: Of the 900 or so recorded bird species in southern Africa, approximately 500 can be seen in Kruger, including rarities that are seen nowhere else in South Africa
Plum Coloured Starling in Kruger National Park.

Kruger Park Birding | An Introduction to Birding in Kruger

search Information: Kruger Park is a compelling experience for those open to the drama of the natural world. The vast plains, woodland savanna and riverine gallery forests are a deceptively tranquil stage upon which life and death are ever at odds
Verreaux Eagle in flight.

Kruger Park Birding | Birds and Muthi (Medicine)

search Information: 'There is a strong cultural link between the African ancestors and birds. For centuries, African people have been using indigenous birds to treat illnesses
Lanner Falcon.

Kruger Park Birding | Falcons and Kestrels
Birding Raptor Guide

search Information: Falcons and kestrels are fast fliers. Kestrels are similar to falcons but are smaller and have less impressive hunting techniques. Whereas falcons tend to swoop
African Fish Eagle.

Kruger Park Birding | Fish | eating Raptors
Birding Raptor Guide

search Information: There are three fish-eating raptors in Kruger the African Fish-Eagle, the itinerantly seen Osprey and the Pel's Fishing-Owl. They are large raptors associated
African Harrier Hawk.

Kruger Park Birding | Goshawks and Sparrowhawks
Birding Raptors Guide

search Information: Goshawks and sparrowhawks are small to medium-sized raptors found usually in denser woodland. Their shorter wings give them greater manoeuvrability through tree
Montagu's Harrier.

Kruger Park Birding | Harriers
Birding Raptor Guide

search Information: Harriers are medium-sized raptors. They are built more slenderly than hawks. They are not often seen in Kruger but have been itinerantly spotted in marshland and
African Scops-Owl.

Kruger Park Birding | Owls and Owlets
Birding Raptor Guide

search Information: Owls are associated with superstition and in many African folktales are seen as purveyors of evil. Many people in rural communities put spikes on the roofs of

Kruger Park Birding | Secretary Bird
Birding Raptor Guide

search Information: The Secretary bird is the odd man out amongst the raptors. It's a grey and black terrestrial eagle, 1.3m tall, with a distinctive red face. As a grassland specialist
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