Kruger Park Birding | Biome Habitat Map

Bateleur Eagles. Brett Hilton-Barber.
Image: Bateleur Eagles

This Kruger Park Habitat map will provide some understanding of the vegetation overlying the rock and soil-types which pretty much determines the type and density of bird populations, which in turn, in some instances is also connected to the activities of the animal life.

Sandveld - predominantly sandy soils; diverse vegetation; baobabs very noticeable; dramatic sandstone ridges

Wooded savanna on shale - mixed knobthorn, marula and bushwillow woodlands and thorn thickets; good grazing; leadwoods along the drainage lines

Mopane-dominated woodland on mixed soils - mopane and bushwillow species on low rolling hills; mopane takes stunted or tree form depending on soil conditions; elephants favour this habitat

Open savanna grassland with stunted mopane - open sweetveld grasslands, mainly on basalt; low game carrying capacity because of poor soils and low rainfall; very little woodland

Mopane-dominated woodlands on granite - mopane in tree and intermediate form, mixed in with pockets of bushwillow and acacia species; lower game densities because of sourveld grazing

Lebombo - low, arid rhyolite hills with euphorbia and succulents on the hill crests and woodlands; riverine forest in the gorges between the rocky outcrops

Mixed woodland with sweet grazing - knobthorn and marula woodlands, dense in places with pockets of grassland; good game viewing habitat

Olifants rugged veld - coarse stony soils with lots of black rock, mixed thornveld and woodlands with mixed grazing

Mixed thorn and marula woodlands on granite - low, rolling hills with bushwillows and acacias; sweeter grazing along the drainage lines; lots of marula trees

Open savanna grassland on basalt - sweet, nutritious grazing on open plains; pans fill up quickly in summer; lots of large grazing herds and the predators that hunt them

Pretoriuskop sourveld - large, bare granite domes and silver cluster leaf-dominated, high rainfall woodlands; sourveld grasses favoured more by browsers than grazers

Malelane mountain bushveld - tall, granite koppies with pockets of mixed knobthorn sweetveld; high species diversity because of good rainfall

Mixed woodland and thorn thickets - mostly in the lower contours of the catchment areas along