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Crocodile Bridge to Lower Sabi

The Nhlowa Road (S28) crosses the open, sweetveld plains between Crocodile Bridge and the Lebombo. Because coastal and escarpment birds frequently occur along the nearby Crocodile River watercourse, there are often unusual sightings.

Crocodile Bridge to Lower Sabie via the Lebombo (S28)

Kruger Park South East Birding MapThe open grassland supports larger birds such as the Kori Bustard. This is a particularly good summer birding drive as there are numerous pans and vleis. Stop off at Nhlanganzwani Water Hole and Nthandanyathi Bird Hide, which are on the edge of the Lebombo and visit Duke's Water Hole (off the S137).

Specialities along this road are the Black Coucal seen in pans during wet summers, and the Black-chested Snake-Eagle, which may be seen circling above the Lebombo. (See Nhlowa Road.)

Crocodile Bridge Camp.Where to stay Around Punda Maria

  • Crocodile Bridge Rest Camp
  • Lower Sabie Rest Camp