Find the Best Birding Spots in Kruger National Park

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Drive through the roads of the Kruger National Park where you will find the best birding spots to view unique birds of South Africa.

Kruger Park Birding
The Ten Best Birding Drives

The best birding drives in Kruger Park are usually on roads that traverse a diversity of habitats and include stretches of riverine forest...more

Kruger Park Birding Drives
Crocodile Bridge to Lower Sabi

The Nhlowa Road crosses the open plains between Crocodile Bridge and the Lebombo. Because coastal and escarpment birds frequently occur alon...more

Kruger Park Birding Drives
Engelhard Dam near Letaba 9S62

The Engelhard Dam dust road is a satisfying day's birding for relatively little driving if one is based at Letaba Camp. The birding is varie...more

Kruger Park Birding Drives
Kanniedood Dam. Shingwedzi - S40

Kanniedood is the core of the Shingwedzi birding experience and is best driven at dusk or dawn. This permanent water source attracts a great...more

Kruger Park Birding Drives
Malelane to Berg - en - Dal Loop - S110

The Malelane and Berg-en-Dal area has a high diversity of birds. The best birding in this southernmost part of Kruger is in the Matjulu Rive...more

Kruger Park Birding Drives
Skukuza to Lower Sabie on Lower Sabie Road - H4 - 1

Many of Kruger's larger raptors can be seen along the Sabie, a favoured hunting ground for Wahlberg's Eagle, which nests along the river dur...more

Kruger Park Birding Drives
Lower Sabie to Tshokwane - H10

This drive through the south-eastern sweetveld is usually one of the best game-viewing routes in Kruger. From Lower Sabie Camp the road cros...more

Kruger Park Birding Drives
Luvuvhu River Drive - S63 and S64

There is no birding drive like this elsewhere in South Africa. Northern Kruger has unique birding because it is the southernmost frontier fo...more

Kruger Park Birding Drives
Mahonie Loop - S99

Mahonie Loop, a 25km circular drive around Punda Maria camp is one of the most rewarding birding drives in the Park for those after rare sig...more

Kruger Park Birding Drives
Napi - H1 - 1 and Doispane - S1 Roads

The Napi Road links Numbi Gate in the south-western foothills to Skukuza and The Doispane Road between Phabeni and Skukuza goes through a va...more

Kruger Park Birding Drives
Satara to the Lebombo along Nwanetsi River S100, S41

Satara is vulture territory as it is situated in the prime predator hunting grounds of central Kruger and a rich source of food for all anim...more
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