Malelane to Berg - en - Dal Loop - S110
Kruger Park Birding Drives

The Malelane and Berg-en-Dal area has a high diversity of plants and birds. The best birding in this southernmost part of Kruger is to take the S110 past Berg-en-Dal into the Matjulu River catchment area.

Malelane to the Berg-en-Dal Loop (S110)

The drive winds between Kruger's highest peaks into the Berg-en-Dal valley, so there are mountain birds like the Mocking Cliff-Chat* and Red-winged Starling which are uncommon elsewhere in Kruger. The variety of trees attracts fruit-eaters like the African Green-Pigeon and Purple-crested Turaco*.

Grassland birds like Stierling's Wren-Warbler* and the Croaking Cisticola are to be found in open areas within the woodlands.

There are African Fish-Eagles and African Hawk-Eagles around Berg-en-Dal Camp.

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